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Heart of Sword was approved on January 7, 2011 and has been online since March 8, 2011. Site name is the translation/meaning of Kenshin's name. Yes, I'm very creative, I know. Couldn't really think of anything else so until one pops out, this shall do. I mean, it fits doesn't it? LOL. This approval was such a big and wonderful surprise that I had to (literally) slap my self and double check both email and updates to see that I wasn't you know - dreaming. As a child, I revered Kenshin. He was a hero and a (somewhat) big brother figure I yearned for. I'm really thankful to all the staffers that approved me of Kenken. *hugs everyone*

You are currently viewing version 1.5 of Heart of Sword, titled Double Edge. The "first" version was scrapped and after a second try, this was the outcome. Images are from Minitokyo Gallery and manga scans, icons from Dry Icons, textures and brushes are from FEEL, jounins, moargh, and some more. Theme was designed in Photoshop CS3 and hand-coded in Textmate. Heart of Sword is powered by Enthusiast.

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Only Rurouni Kenshin related listings only. If you have one, feel free to email me.

 Character: Makimachi Misao Character: Saitou Hajime Character: Shinomori Aoshi Series: Rurouni Kenshin

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